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Groove Mail Review 

In this Groove Mail Review, Start to build your Landing Pages, Marketing Email List , Sales Funnels all with built in CRM Email Marketing and Integrations.

New Email Marketing Software has landed.

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Groove Funnels is your unstoppable advantage to selling online. 

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Groove Mail - Groove Funnels Email - Marketing CRM 

In this Groovemail review we discuss Groove's new email automation software with an inbuilt autoresponder just like constant contact, MailChimp, and Aweber,however, has loads of integrated features with inbuilt app's. 

With a free plan, you can add email and contacts in your email list and send unlimited emails.However, some other email marketing tools like Aweber will cost you $199/month USD for 10,000 subscribers. GrooveMail is everything you’d expect in a world-class email marketing solution.  

It will perform both sequence automation and broadcasting, as well as text and voice SMS broadcasting. This is a feature that only a few high-end email autoresponders have.GrooveMail will sport an efficient follow-up funnels platform as well, like the one you get with ActiveCampaign.

It is a simple yet efficient email marketing automation.This GrooveMail Review also covers, CRM marketing, Landing pages and building a email sequence funnel. Further more, with this software import leads to your lists and add them to campaigns individually or via a CSV file.With GrooveMail you can import through Canva and build full-color newsletters or simply plain text emails.

There are hundreds of templates to choose from or you can create your own. GrooveMail also provides easy to use analytics including click-through rates (CTR’s) and open rates. 

Groove Mail Features - "skyrocket your online business with email marketing".

What is a CRM? 

A customer relationship management (CRM) platform is a piece of software companies use to manage interactions with customers, store information about them, and automate a number of processes connected with a customer’s journey through the marketing and sales funnels.

A CRM system is an incredibly important tool for every company, helping to foster customer loyalty and forge it into healthy revenue. 

Groove Mail Features - "skyrocket your online businesswith email marketing".

Groovemail Auto Responder

An autoresponder or email sequence is a written message that is sent out automatically after a visitor signs up for your email list for more information , bonus or free gift.. 

Start by seting up an auto-responder from your control panel with an email form impeded in your landing page. After settingup the auto-responder, customers will be asked for the following information you choose to ask the visitor :

Email Address: This will be the name of your auto-responder ([email protected])

Name : Persons contact name 

Phone contact : mobile or landline 

City: example New York 

Sequnce funnel : If you would like to send additional messages from the auto-responder, specify in the Groovemail set up where messages should be forwarded. This field is optional, but if you do not specify a sequence and email address, you will not be able to send additional messages via auto-responder.

Landing pages and opt-in forms 

Build high converting landing pages, Groove Funnels have already made landing page templates available for free members and also lifetime members.Start building an email list with ready made opt in forms backed by search engine optimization, furthermore great sales copy will your improve results. 

Creating effective landing pages is a fine art, though.

You need keen attention to clean detail and a strategy for collecting information. Before you start your next campaign. You don’t just want to create a landing page and let it sit. You need to share your landing pages to generate site visitors and interest in what you’re offering. That’s why you need to create an actual campaign around your landing page.

Loads of high converting land pages templates available on Platinum Lifetime Deal - How To Save $16,100+ per year on your marketing spend

Integrate into lead page or website

Integrate into lead page or website.

Integration like most set up with Groove is easy. Go to Groovemail tab and set up a form, once this is done use the form code and place as embedded code from the Elements tab in left hand corner of screen. Test your first email with your own, this will also keep you upto date with whats happening with your auto responder and email sequence. 

Groovemail email and products sequence

Create tags for each email sequence, for example for example products #1 would have one sequence then product #2 would have another sequence. By creating follow up emails for customers that bought product #1 and not product #2. You could send a sequence that reminds customer about product #2 and the benefits they will receive to solve a problem. 


Text and voice SMS broadcasting

I started this Groovemail review inspired by the Tex and Voice feature listed in this software. People read more text's than they do email's, furthermore its a captive audience demanding attention. 

Groove mail included in GrooveFunnels offers a large suite of tools for marketing professional and people just starting out. The tools that you have access to will depend on the membership that you’ve selected.The software is a great alternative for many business varieties including the following:- 

·  Email Marketing Software for - Small Business.

·  Email Marketing Software for - E Commerce. 

·  Email Marketing Software for - Real Estate Agents. 

·  Email marketing Software for - Shopify Stores 

·  Email Marketing Software for - Affiliate Marketing 

·  Email Marketing Software for - Wordpress  

·  Email Marketing Software for - Bloggers 

·  Email Marketing Software for - Business to Business (B2B) 

·  Email Marketing Software for - Agencies 

·  Email Marketing Software for - Non Profit 

Groove Funnels Email Pricing 

GrooveFunnels has a free plan that gives you access to some of its most basic features. 

For a limited Time you can create 3 x website , sell unlimited products, attract affiliates all without any fee's.

Package Pricing 

Free Plan includes 500 free emails, 5000 emails sent per month 

Life time plan includes 10,000 email leads, Unlimited emails sent and you can import contacts 

You could also choose to upgrade for a monthly charge for 100,000 emails contact leads and additional storage. 

Free Email Marketing Sales Funnels software , CRM and Groove Mail for a limited time only

Groove Digital Academy - Marketing Training

GrooveDigital Academy is now available to Everyone!

GrooveDigital Academy is your resource for marketing training, webinar replays and courses.

The best part is, all Groove members can sign up for a free account. The academy teaches you all things digital marketing and e-commerce marketing.In GrooveDigital Academy, you get to be a part of live training every Tuesday and every Thursday at 6 PM EST.You also get an extensive library of articles to keep you updated about the platform.

Groove Magazine - expert tutorials 

It’s important to keep up as technology and effective strategies change rapidly.

Experts with proven processes, real results, and secrets they’ll be sharing with you monthly tutorial and training on copy writing, Email marketing, selling products via Groove Kart and Groove sell. 

When you reserve your seat, you’ll get an email each week letting you know the expert for the week and how you can benefit from the information and strategies they will share. From time to time one of Groove’s own team members will do the training… and we’ve even featured brand new Groovesters and helped them launch their products through this series! 

Summary - Groovemail review

GrooveMail is an all in one CRM, funnel builder and digital marketing platform. Building an email list that converts could 10x your business or more keep contacts interested with up to date information about your products and service. 

Moreover, you can start testing out Groove funnels and Groovemail with a limited time free offer, so there is no risk to you or your business i think you will be very happy. Hopefully you liked this Groovemail Review. 

Check out Groove pages and Groove Funnels on this FREE Webinar. 


is  Free For a Limited Time!  

Hope you enjoyed the video! Now, it's time to experience the magic for yourself.

Sign up for your FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to GrooveFunnels at

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